Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: DEFAULT Values
Author Robert F. Tulloch

No, no.

> Robert, you can get the details at

This is not the issue. I know there was an appeal. I did some testing on this months
& months ago and reported back problems and never heard a word again. I have from time
to time, posted questions asking status. I recently saw a post from Starkey making
reference to it in such a way as to imply it was being "sold". I asked him to clarify
and he boldly stated "Sold" and told me to ask Ann.

That is what I am doing. The implication was that if it was being "sold", it must be
"done" in which case I wanted to see if they had fixed the problems with Crystal

So you see, my question is more complex than going to the appeal site.

Thank for jumping in though.

Best regards