Subject Re: [IBDI] A question about the Interbase-BR egroup/yahoogroups list
Hello, My name is Rafael. I´m a Brazilian Delphian / Interbase
Developer. I "lurk" in some mailing-list about Interbase, some of them in

I bit of my story:
I start developing applications when I was only 10 years, implementing
stuffs that, in that time, where very nice (like using mouse in the old
My first Windows RAD were Visual Basic, but I switch to Delphi-16 bits as
soon as I noticed VB couln´d compile a full EXE.
See, I were always against the use of packges, ocx, dll, etc, prefering,
even nowadays, to deliver a full EXE. Only in spetial cases I use DLLs. (Ask
if they are concerned about the application size)
A few years ago I started to develop database programs. I never have a
chance to use Interbase in that time, since the Delphi examples of using
where too poor, week, and ugly, so I don´t get excited of learning it. Well, for
unfortune I started to use Paradox... uek.
When my first multi-user application broke (index etc..) I started to learn
a DB program called PostgreSQL in Linux. The program is fine, Open-Sourced
and it where doing OK.

It took me 6 month to learn Linux from nothing, compile and install
install Postgres, connect it to Internet, develop my first back-end and
And that time, my Linux´s HD blew off. I think to myself, try to install it
again (read all that weird HOW-TO again), etc, or use a Windows DB.

Guess what? I started to use Interbase for Windows and were really
amazed how it is so much better that postgres:

Just install, create database and USE. No more kernell compilations,
strange user setup to get Postgres to run. No modifications to Linux autorun
files, etc.
In a few weeks I convert my postgres database to Interbase, and I´m so
happy, that I think that I´ll never switch to any other. And now it is Free, and

I consider myself a very experimented user, and, considering the BAD
I have with Linux, I have no feer to say DO NOT USE IT. Use Interbase for
Windows ;)

So, Sean, my considerations about Interbase x FireBird are these:

I believe that only now people here in Brazil (with "z" uek) are been
about the EXISTANCE of Firebird. I only understand that there were too groups
Interbase a few month ago...
If having too developers group this is a good thing? I don´t know. I
believe that
splited work is fine, but the final objective should be only one: Produce the
best DBA ever,
free and only having one version.
I don´t believe that Borland has this in mid, obviously they plan to profit
over Interbase,
and in somehow they are right. It is they´re product. (Sorry Ann and Jim).
But when they dicided to let Interbase to Open-Source, Borland should be
interested in helping the community involved, and not create a "new competitor".
could profit more with other Developer´s tools that use Interbase then with
Interbase itself...

From now one, I will use Firebird (at least the license will not expire in
the next few
month and there is no limited users, I believe, and of couse, it is free).
My only fear is that Firebird stop Windows development, since it SEAMS that
developing effords are concentrated in Linux version. But, I hope that I´m wrong
There is another point. I use IBX to connect to Interbase. Will it be
compatible with
both, Interbase and Firebird?
Other point that I posted in some mailling list: Been Interbase Dba-less It
could be
delivered for even small application (I´ll use it for sure), but the code and
data security seams
to me that are too weak. You can change the SYSDBA password, but anyone copying
the gdb
file to a self-installed Interbase can open it, see what are the compounding
tables (and its fields),
procedures, triggers, etc. IMHO the gdb should be password-locked and encryted.
OK, anyone
with Interbase could breake the validation password, but it is much more secure
than in the way
it is now.

And please, stop calling Firebird version 0.9 :)
Version 0.xx seams so ridiculous that if you don´t know what Firebird is
for advance, you
would never use it. What would you prefer: (Application 2000), or (Application
v0.9) ?
Let the Firebird-Phoenix rebirth in style. :)

Well, sorry for being so long, but when asked I like to answer :)
Again sorry for the long text, but at least I can practice my (Bad) english
writing :)

Best regards,
Rafael Bratti!

"Delphi+Interbase o meio para todos os fins"

or in english:
"Delphi+Interbase a way for any goal"

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