Subject Re: [IBDI] SQLCodes
Author Arioch
Hello, Ann!
You wrote to <>; <> on Fri, 07 Dec
2001 14:52:10 -0500:

AWH> Of course. In terms of adding codes to clarify the SQL 804 mess -
AWH> that's really not much of a problem. In terms of renumbering all
AWH> our error codes, it will affect every bit of code that has compiled
AWH> in error checking. The benefit of changing the error codes does
AWH> not, in my mind, exceed the cost by as much as many other
AWH> enhancements we can make to the product.

as far as i got it, error code holds bits, that are unreliable as they were
designed for vax vms, and currently has no sense. No good code will pay
attention to them. There's no need to remap all the codes. Lets the other
bits remain their values. But to use those bits for categorising and maybe
some kind of extra info - it should not affect correct error-checking code
and may really be useful. It is not uestion of redesigning all the errors,
but to append an extra info (categories) in the bits that currently are

With best regards, Arioch /BDV/.