Subject RE: [IBDI] SQLCodes
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
Fair enough I did not read carefully enough.

I presume "ifdefed as GATEWAY" is the error message
code. If I understand correctly you want to fase out
the padding in front and do away with the sql error

> Please read again the full answer. Ann was explaining the
> historic context.
> Those numbers made sense then. Now VMS is dead as several
> platforms where IB
> used to run are dead. What made sense yesterday may not make
> sense today. We
> don't care anymore about RDB. The code ifdefed as GATEWAY has not been
> exercised in years. There was a tech reason why IB padded string
> across the
> wire: connection protocols. Now that TCP is universal and only
> netbeui is an
> alternative (but for small and local installations), that setting looks
> strange and silly. It wasn't in its right time. You get the idea
> with those
> examples.