Subject Re: [IBDI] 6.5 released
Author Dmitry Kuzmenko
Hello, Dmitry!

Dmitry Yemanov wrote:

> > Borland InterBase 6.5 new features and benefits:
> >
> > Enhanced Metadata - A security feature that protects the
> > metadata from modification by unauthorized users.
> Does anyone know what it exactly means?

It is some change in default rights for PUBLIC to system tables,
as I understand, and 3 scripts to make system tables
for PUBLIC READONLY, READ/WRITE, and 'BLIND' (no access for PUBLIC at all).

> > SQL ROWS - Used in conjunction with the SQL ORDER BY
> Seems to be just an another name for FIRST...SKIP. Or am I mistaken?

excluding absend PERCENT and WITH TIES in Firebird. Also this construction
is used at the end of query, so it's meaning can't be understood wrong way -
[ROWS <lower_value> [TO <upper_value>] [BY <step_value>] [PERCENT] [WITH TIES]
applied on ready to use resultset.

> > Asynchronous Statement Cancel - Gives users the ability to cancel
> > an executing DSQL statement via the InterBase API.
> AFAIK, it was implemented for v6.0 but hasn't been properly tested to be
> released in that time. Now Borland employees have completed this work.

I don't think so. I don't beleive in it. Client api stalls at
isc_dsql_execute until server will finish query and be able to send
records to client. I think query canceling can be done only
a) from another connection
b) with services api

> > XML Data-generation - Allows InterBase developers to generate XML
> > documents directly from InterBase.
> Looks interesting. I'd like to learn more about this one. But anyway it's
> good marketing step, especially even it works ;-)

Maybe, I'm not interested in XML. Maybe in the future...

Dmitry Kuzmenko, Epsylon Technologies.