Subject Re: [IBDI] 6.5 released
Author Nando Dessena

> > SQL ROWS - Used in conjunction with the SQL ORDER BY
> > clause to provide a ranking capability for SQL queries, enabling
> > Web developers to parcel pieces of a larger result set from the Web
> > server to a client browser.
> Seems to be just an another name for FIRST...SKIP. Or am I mistaken?

So it seems to me. The advantage of ROWS should be that going in the
ORDER BY clause it is suitable for UNION whilst FIRST is not. The
advantage of FIRST should be that it's standard SQL. Borland seem to
have definately diverged from the standard route.

> > XML Data-generation - Allows InterBase developers to generate XML
> > documents directly from InterBase.
> Looks interesting. I'd like to learn more about this one. But anyway it's
> good marketing step, especially even it works ;-)

1) I guess it took half a day to implement that.
2) I wouldn't have put that in the engine. Keeping it lean seems another
path Borland is intentioned to abandon.

Let's wait and see...