Subject RE: [IBDI] New IB site
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Ivan,

great work!
Collect some more of these useful articles
and you will be Europe's Claudio Valderrama ;-)

Especially your article about the modification of ISC4.GDB
so that each user only sees his own record is very interesting.
It is something I was really looking for.

One question: have you tested this solution with tools like IBConsole?
I mean is one still able to add users with a graphical frontend like

You have renamed the users table to 'users2' and created a view 'users'
accessing 'users2'. Due to the fact that the view is updatable, it should
be possible to insert a new user using IBConsole.
So theoretically, it should work - but it would save some time (for testing)
if you could tell me you already tested it!

Keep up the great work!


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> Subject: [IBDI] New IB site
> Hi all,
> I just put some (three) articles on web, you can look at
> Articles are about
> -isc4.gdb
> -cache settings
> -comparing blobs-varchars
> Comments/corrections/donations(:-) are welcome.
> Ivan
> prenosil@...
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