Subject RE: [IBDI] InterBase Service API on Linux????
Author Leyne, Sean

The Services API was not implemented for the Classic architecture prior
to the open-source release, as such the Firebird release also has this

With respect to the implementation plans for Interbase you need to
contact Borland for details, for the details of Firebird you can join
the firebird development project at Source Forge (
and post a message on the development mailing list.

Finally, this is not a support list, please post all future support
questions to the IB-Support list hosted on eGroups.


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From: Steffen Nyeland [mailto:steffen_nyeland@...]
Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2001 9:39 AM
Subject: [IBDI] InterBase Service API on Linux????

Sorry for starting the year with maybe silly question :-)

The Service API wasn't implemented in the first "free" binaries of 6.0
Linux, and they still seems missing in the FireBird build (0.9 - mid.

Have they always been missing? And will they eventually be there? I
think I
read in a previous mail that the Service API wasn't open-sourced. Which
means I can't use IBConsole against IB6.0.1/FB0.9. I had to use GSEC to
change SYSDBA password and users.

..or is it me missing something? :-)


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