Subject Re: [IBDI] New Easysoft ODBC Driver release
Author Ed Malloy

We purchased an easysoft odbc driver license, but I don't believe that we ever
received the key. I am waiting for that to download the driver. Please help.



Nick Gorham wrote:
> Hi,
> Its a new year, so time for a new build :-)
> 1.1.47 on the easysoft ftp site now, should fix two problems, on
> Windows, a problem with Delphi and tables with blobs should be fixed
> now, and on Linux, the driver should work out of the box against other
> driver managers than unixODBC, this will make the install easier for
> Chili!Soft and ColdFusion users.
> --
> Nick Gorham
> Easysoft Ltd
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Edward V. Malloy
BBL Leasing, Inc.