Subject Re: [IBDI] Open Source Programming Project Idea...
Author Dominique Louis
Willi Krenn wrote:
> In summing up, I would follow your argumentation, but I'm also sure that we will
> see a similar concept realized with DWS in future.. (Using Interbase as main
> DBMS and IMO the IBOs for DB access)
> (AFAIK it is planned to develop a complete set of e-commerce Plugins/Libraries
> for DWS (2).. and I'm sure that there will be some kind of development tool for
> it..)

Hi Willi,
As you are familiar with DWS maybe you can shed some light on what kind
of licencing DWS has. Also you mention DWS 2 having a development tool. Is
the development of this tool open or is it a closed shop.

What do others think about keeping the generated scripting language side of
things Delphi specific? Or do others think that it would be best to
implement a plugin system thereby giving the new RAD tool ( I've nick named
it BreakDance as so many tools/products seem to have dance based names ;-}.
Though I've yet to see one called hoky-poky. ) more flexability.

Also it would be interesting to hear from anyone who has used DSP and can
point out it's pros and cons.


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