Subject Re: [IBDI] Open Source Programming Project Idea...
Author Marc Spitzer
Could I get a url for DWS?



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Subject: Re: [IBDI] Open Source Programming Project Idea...

> > To create an equivalent tool with native Interbase support. I personally
> > would probably use Delphi ( and of course Kylix when it's out ) to
> > it so that both Windows and Linux platforms are covered. My first
> > suggestion of a scripting language would probably be PHP4 but I'm sure
> > others on this list may have experince with other scripting languages
> > DWS ( Delphi Web Script ) or PSP ( Pascal Server Pages ) but as PHP as
> > widely used it seems like a more logical alternative ( feel free to
> > disagree and point out the holes in my argument ).
> As I know DWS pretty well, I'll add some comments here...
> First: AFAIK PSP is frozen.. ( quote: <<This was an experiment in
> creating Pascal source code form ASP-style pages. I've since frozen due to
> advancement of DSP and DWS .. both excellent candidates much more advanced
> PSP... but you may learn something from my messy code!>>)
> And now for DWS vs PHP:
> A common misunderstanding is that DWS = PHP for Delphi. And that's not
true. DWS
> was developed to simplify the building of ISAPI-Modules in Delphi. (Gain
> speed of native Delphi - code and the flexibility a scripting laguage
> The (IMO) main feature of DWS is the ability to extend the scripting
> very easily. In order to get a new function in the scripting language, you
> simply drop a component on your ISAPI-module and write some delphi code in
> OnEval function. That's it.
> DWS also knows plugins (DLLs you may load at runtime) and Libraries (=
> Components that cover many functions). (DWS 2 will also know true
> with procedures, custom types etc..)
> Furthermore DWS is not tied to HTML and webapplication development! (Some
> are using it as scripting language to automate some parts of their
> In case you create an ISAPI module with lots of DWS-functions added, you
get a
> scripting language like PHP, that's true.. But as you already pointed out
PHP is
> much wider used..
> In summing up, I would follow your argumentation, but I'm also sure that
we will
> see a similar concept realized with DWS in future.. (Using Interbase as
> DBMS and IMO the IBOs for DB access)
> (AFAIK it is planned to develop a complete set of e-commerce
> for DWS (2).. and I'm sure that there will be some kind of development
tool for
> it..)
> Willi
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