Subject Re: I just noticed...(connection rejected for interbase)

I am having exactly the same problem, my classic installation was
working fine (except for the services API), but when I upgraded to
the super server the thing won't run anymore.

Anyone else have this problem or solved it?


--- In, John.Hubbard@G... wrote:
> I randomly decided to check my interbase_log file. So I 'tail -
f'd it.
> And this is what popped up once every second:
> warthog (Server) Wed Apr 12 09:39:22 2000
> SERVER/process_packet: connection rejected for interbase
> And occasionally this one too:
> warthog (Client) We Apr 12 09:46:46 2000
> /usr/interbase/bin/ibguard: guardian starting bin/ibserver
> I just installed it on this machine (I had to give up the old
machine I
> had it installed on) and can't ibmgr to start the server.
The 'interbase'
> user owns the whole interbase directory, what did I forget to do?
I had it
> working fine on my old machine.