Subject Re: [IBDI] Classic x Super Server
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 3/7/00 11:02 PM (Tuesday), you wrote:
>In that case do we need to define a domain and logon from Win95 ?
>At 12:51 PM 4/10/00 -0700, you wrote:
> >Yes, just use the IP or the hostname (if on a LAN) and the path to the
> >database and you will connect via TCP/IP. No need for SAMBA.

No. Connections to Interbase are completely separate from Windows login,
Windows domain login, and anything else connected to Windows except the
TCP/IP protocol. (Alternatively you could use NETBEUI or IPX as a protocol
but few do.)

All you need is the Interbase client installed and to properly construct
the database connection string which identifies the server and database
file you wish to connect to.

If you are using an application which employs the Borland Database Engine
(BDE) then this will also need to be installed and a proper alias created.
However, to use the client utilities that come with Interbase you will not
need this.