Subject Re: [IBDI] GDB file physical description
I don't have that documentation but I recently faced that problem
while filling a GDB with the contents of a DBF. There's a physical
limitation of 2Gb per file and if you reach it Interbase doesn't report
anything, it just behaves oddly. I mean, I couldn't make changes
like adding constraints, but I still could query the database. (?)
As you say, I couldn't apply the gfix neither (it got connected but
hung up). I had to backup and restore with the multiple files option,
slicing the database in 4 chunks of 1Gb (just to be safe, I expected
3 Gb of data).
Hope this helps you in some way.


> Has anyone any documentation on the GDB file physical
> I'm facing a lot of customers reporting corrupted databases,
many of
> them being corrupted beyond the capability of gfix. (i.e. I could
> even connect to the database). I really dont know how a
database can
> become so corrupt that even Connect() fails -- I guess my
customers have
> a special gift or they like to play with the computer's power cord.
So I
> thought I might write a tool to diagnose/repair these problems or
> save the available data in a newly created database, but I can't
seem to
> find any description on the GDB file.
> Thanks in advance.
> Stefan
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