Subject Re: [IBDI] Which license(s)?
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:19 AM 15-03-00 +1100, you wrote:
>From: Roland Turner <raz@...>
>Perhaps another FAQ, but again, I am having trouble finding definitive
>answers. My questions:

The announcement about MPL 1.1 has been in the IBDI pages now for some weeks.

As this site gets updated constantly, you'll need to refresh often.
Today, nearly all pages were updated.

We are working to getting the site under control of a web application to
avoid "refresh lag" to some extent, for those of you who have your browsers
set to hold your cache until the next millenium. It won't totally solve
the problem as some versions of IE5 now ignore cache instructions from the
server...but it will help. Coming soon. In the meantime, apologies for
the inconvenience of having to reload pages.

Helen and Jason.

>- Which open source license will be used? (I assume MPL.)
>- If MPL, which version? (I hope 1.1.)
>- If 1.1, will the multiple-licensed code provisions be utilised? (I
>hope so.)
>- If so, is LGPL an option?
>Perhaps the answer is that a decision has been made, but has not yet
>entered the FAQ. If so, this is a simple matter to resolve.
>Perhaps the situation is still being considered, in that case a clear
>indication of what needs to be achieved first would be appreciated.
>Assuming MPL: perhaps the multiple-license provisions haven't been
>considered. If so, I humbly offer my services as advocate of this
>approach. The Mozilla organisation has acknowledged the damage that
>choosing to exclude GPL integration did to Mozilla, notably that the
>highly energetic Gnome developers were excluded by this choice. Indeed,
>the inclusion of the multiple license provisions in MPL-1.1 was
>apparently motivated by this realisation.
>I hope that the powers-that-be at Inprise can be convinced to avoid
>repeating the same mistake.
>- Raz
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