Subject Re: [IBDI] I need a list of current IB 6 features
Author Paul Hope
Text of Inprise letter I got today

Dear Interbase 6.0 Beta tester,

Thank you for helping us to create the next major version of Interbase.

In preperation for the upcoming release of Interbase 6.0 in a public beta
test, we release those of you who have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements or
Field Test Agreements regarding the Interbase 6.0 software to describe your
experience with the software.

The official newsgroups for the 6.0 software can be accessed from I hope you
will join us there.

Dale Fuller
Interim President & CEO



> >By the way, Claudio and others, do we have an
> >official confirmation the NDA is now cancelled
> >and we are free to discuss 'kinobi' features
> >publicly ?
> Yes.
> Ann
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