Subject RE: [IBDI] Source under NDA
Author Jim Gunkel
Hi Ann,

I think that if a) the source code was released early, b) a crutial piece
was left out preventing easy builds and c) ISC asked that this period be
used for evaluation and education purposes only, there wouldn't be too many
problems (it is a community after all). Obviously the licensing code would
have to be removed so as to not comprimise the 5.6 binaries out there
already but I don't think anyone would mind dealing with obsolete blocks of
code or other items that are being actively worked on. If someone out
there is planning on forking the code because their purpose will not be
served by the main thrust of development, then the fork is going to happen
eventually anyway.

Releasing the source early (on if possible) would
allow us to start familiarizing ourselves with the structure of the code
and the main modules. Those who are planning on helping with the
documentation effort (of the code) can get started as well. Then when you
are ready to start testing build procedures, you should have a willing
group of testers already familiar with the code and ready to go. I think
that if you release the source when the Windows binaries are released, that
would prevent many of the "unnecessary" forks that most people are worried

Jim Gunkel
Nevrona Designs