Subject RE: [IBDI] IB License fees
Author Alan McDonald
So Ann,
when you say distribute to your hearts content - will that be a server with
unlimited client licence accesses?
and what will happen to current 5.6 installations - will they still need to
buy additional client access licences or will you publish a licence key (a
la internet key) which opens the server to unlimited accesses?

I'm not big enough to be a VAR but I have several 5.6 installations which
are on the upper limit of their client licence accesses. Do I advise them
that waiting and going version 6 will reduce their cost of expansion?


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>From: Ann Harrison [mailto:harrison@...]
>Sent: Sunday, 12 March 2000 10:27
>Subject: RE: [IBDI] IB License fees
>From: Ann Harrison <harrison@...>
>At 09:42 AM 3/12/00 +1100, Alan McDonald wrote:
>>Tell me, though, is there any published info on how the new
>company is going
>>to source it's revenues?
>>Is IB still going to be sold by license fee? I know it's going to be a
>>mozila license.
>No, there will be no license fee. We will sell "certified kits"
>in various configurations for various prices. When you buy a
>certified kit, you can redistribute it to your heart's content -
>We'll also be selling support, both ourselves and through
>franchises outside the US and Canada.
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