Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: porting to SCO
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 03:34 PM 11/20/2000 +0000, Daniel Bertin wrote:

>Ok then where should I start,

Firebird at sourceforge.

>what version of code

Most recent.

> and where should I acquire it from?

Firebird at sourceforge.

>what should I install on my SCO box to give it try
>and to see what kind of errors I get?

A C compiler and CVS.

>IB really interest me. this would be a very interesting project and
>may be of value to others also?


>I'm willing to invest some time and effort into this, should I make
>my findings available to others?

Welcome to the world of open source. I think you'll find you
gain as much as you give.


Database Resurrectionist