Subject Re: porting to SCO
Author Daniel Bertin
Hi Ann
Ok then where should I start, what version of code and where should I
acquire it from? what should I install on my SCO box to give it try
and to see what kind of errors I get?

IB really interest me. this would be a very interesting project and
may be of value to others also?

I'm willing to invest some time and effort into this, should I make
my findings available to others?

--- In, "Ann W. Harrison" <harrison@n...> wrote:
> At 03:17 PM 11/20/2000 +0000, Daniel Bertin wrote:
> >I'm new around here ans am wanting to embark into a project to port
> >IB60 to SCO openserver Unix.
> >
> >Can someone tell me how involved this can be? what kind of skill
> >is needed and how long it took for a similar project(if any)
> Moderate to high level of C programming. Knowledge of SCO
> a help, but not essential since the project will require
> its acquisition. The last SCO port was 5.5, quite recent
> in InterBase terms. SCO used to be a hassle because it was
> a very minimal UNIX (no shared libraries) but that is ancient
> history.
> There's a fair chance that it will simply build and run.
> Regards,
> Ann
> Database Resurrectionist