Subject Re: [IBDI] MySQL, Interbase and PHP
Author hannes hernler
I would rather switch to isapi/cgi applications and use
an alternative for PHP but with faster access to interbase.

as with delphi web script. there you can prepare queries
at design time an reuse connections and prepared cursors
on every script page without connection or prepare delay. (this site is already built with DWS)

hannes hernler
DWS - Delphi Web Script
developing professional web apps
look at

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Von: Lars B. Dybdahl <lars@...>

>Actually, I have set up two PHP/Interbase systems now,
>and they perform extremely poor... Maybe I'm not doing
>it correctly (I'm a Windows programmer for 20 years),
>but the Linux setup with Interbase 6.0.1 and PHP 4.0.2
>takes approx. 500-1000ms for each page to connect to
>the Interbase database, although I'm using
>The database installations perform fine with Interbase
>Workbench from a Windows client.
>The question is, how Interbase would compare in a PHP
>environment... it seems that there are some key issues
>that need to be solved. I'm actually thinking about
>switching to MySQL...
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