Subject Re: [IBDI] Political threads
Author Marc Spitzer
I think he did a stupid thing, once as far as I know. I think that perhaps
we could bring him back after all who has not done something stupid. If he
continues to do stupid things then get rid of him. This is just my opinion
for what it is worth.

Marc Spitzer
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Subject: RE: [IBDI] Political threads

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> > Isn't this a bit harsh for a one time mistake?
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> > Frank
> Hmmm, I know about Rob T. since a couple of months and have nothing
> him (and I have a basic empathy for him), but I wonder, how can a person
> so *** to email all his/her contact list without any manual selection?
> is only done by Outlook macro viruses!
> Maybe he deserves another oportunity. However, his posting is spam and I
> hate too much spam as to defend him.
> Let's face it: how do Gore/Bush issues affect the future of IB? Is one of
> those guys a Borland shareholder? <g>
> C.
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