Subject Re: [IBDI] Vote
Paul Reeves schrieb:
> "Robert F. Tulloch" wrote:
> >
> > My Fellow Americans:
> >
> Unless you can make a case that demonstrates the importance of your internal
> elections to the future of InterBase I would suggest that you refrain from petty
> electioneering. This is an international list for issues concerning InterBase.
> Probably more than half the subscribers are not American. While we all have our
> opinions as to who we might want to win your election we do not have a vote.
> Then again, as most of us have better government run health care and social
> security systems it is probably better for your man that we don't have a vote.
> Paul

Well spoken, wish I would be able
to use the english language a bit better,
so I won't comment any further.


"Fascinating creature, phoenixes, They can carry immensely heavy loads,
their tears have healing powers and they make highly faithful pets."
- J.K. Rowling