Subject RE: [IBDI] BANCO DE DADOS!!!!!!!!!!!
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Uillian Fernandes
> Sent: MiƩrcoles 1 de Noviembre de 2000 7:01
> I installed the new version of IBConsole for Interbase 6.0
> Object TableB is in use."

I will break the charter of this list only for now and in case other people
can't check the NG: this happens when some design decisions doesn't take all
facts into account. An IB connection NEEDS EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a db to
create a FK. Only one connection, or you will see that error msg. This is an
IB limitation. IBConsole v322 breaks this rule with an internal change that
was done just in this version: it opens a 2nd connection for the integrated
WISQL window... always.