Subject Re: [IBDI] Stored Procedure-Dataset
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:38 PM 24-10-00 -0400, you wrote:
> > Yes: do it just the same as passing parameters to a table, i.e.
> > Select * from MyView
> > where Field1='SomeValue' and Field2='AnotherValue'
> > order by Field1, Field3
> Thanks. Did I miss something in the IB 6docs? If so where to

Introduction to "Working with Views", Chap 8 P127 of the Data Definition Guide:
"Once a view is defined, you can display and operate on it as if it were an
ordinary table.
A view can be derived from one or more tables, or from another view. Views
look just like
ordinary database tables, but they are not physically stored in the
database. The database
stores only the view definition, and uses this definition to filter the
data when a query
referencing the view occurs."

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