Subject RE: [IBDI] Stored Procedure-Dataset
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 10/23/2000 07:39 PM (Monday), Leyne, Sean wrote:
>Unlike "standard" SPs, dataset SP's (Sp's which return a dataset) must
>be accessed using a SELECT, instead of EXECUTE PROCEDURE.
>In fact, a dataset SP can be treated in the same manner you would a
>Table/View, SELECT OutputParamA, OutputParamB FROM SOME_PROCEDURE(
>InputParam1, InputParam2, ...) WHERE ... ORDER BY ...
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> > From: Robert F. Tulloch [mailto:tultalk@...]
> > In stored proc returning dataset do you have to declare all the
> > fields returned in Returning or does it just return the dataset?

I think Robert wants to know the details of how to declare the SP, not how
to use it. Off hand I don't know or I would answer myself.