Subject Re: [IBDI] Certifed IB6
Author Shaunak Mistry
Inprise will run various tests to test the functionality, stability and
performance of the 6.0 kit, and make sure 6.0 passes all these tests. This
version of IB 6.0 will be the certified IB 6.0 kit.
What it means to InterBase 6.0 users is that it will be the kit for which
you can buy support from Inprise. (Currently Inprise only sells support for
5.6 and lower).

Shaunak Mistry.

"Robert F. Tulloch" wrote:

> Hi:
> Anyone know what an Inprise "certified release" of IB6 is?
> Supposedly it will include an ODBC driver?
> Thanks.
> Best
> regards
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