Subject Re: [IBDI] Certifed IB6
Author Robert F. Tulloch

> A "certified" release of IB used to be one whose every component had been
> subjected to a full QA programme and found capable in whole and in part of
> doing what it was supposed to do on the platform it was built for.

Are you aware that Inprise is going to release a "certified" IB
6? I assume this means we pay for the "certified" label and get
the ODBC driver with it.

> These days, the QA role has passed to the beta testers (last 11 months or
> so) and now the users. Perhaps we should have a contest for the best
> redefinition of "certified release". Anyone willing to put up a prize?

Do you think that this is what Inprise means by "certified"? I
would think it would be more than that.