Subject Re: [IBDI] Writing UDFs for InterBase
Author Paul Beach
Based on this requirement, I went trawling through my archives, I still
haven't finished yet, but if you go to:

There is some more UDF related docs.

Writing UDFs for InterBase
By Greg Deatz (Borland Developer's Conference 2000)

Extending InterBase with UDFs - C/C++ Programmers
By Paul McGee (Borland Developer's Conference 1995)

Implementing a Soundex Function
By John Midwinter

Writing Clean and Safe UDFs In Delphi
By Greg Deatz (Borland Developer's Conference 1998)

Writing UDF's for InterBase with Delphi 2.0
By Roy Nelson

There are a couple more, but I haven't had time to put them up yet.

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