Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Intel's New Optane 905P Is The Fastest SSD Ever
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Gosh, a couple os cents on a $1k+ device wouldn't actually price them out of the market.  And given the bandwidth between the cintroller and the flash, a millisecond would be all the time in the world.

I use a circuit with 5 ultracapacitors with each Raspberry Pis on my boat.  When tbe DC drops to 9 volts, a power monitoring app gets notified.  It starts a 30 second count down to see if power comes back.  If not, it starts and orderly shutdown with about a minute of power remaining.  Given that a flash controller draws about a zillionth of an RPi and the bandwidth from the controller to the SSD's flash if probably 10K times the RPi's cheap micro SD card, why wouldn't Intel blow an extra dime (at the outside)?

My guess is that they did but don't want folks to bank on it for reasons more to do with marketing, legal, or host OS driver issues.

I think a database dependent on storage speed is silly in this day and age, but I were trying to squeeze the last drop of performance, I'd look a lot further.  But even a modern DB needs a place to flush a serial log prior to commit to keep bean counters happy, so this is well worth pursuing.

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Interesting.  I wonder why not.  The flash is (should be) stable and the logic to flush the remapping data to flash when it notices that power has gone critical should be straight forward and bomb proof.


<SL> Without Power Loss Protection, the flash would not "notice" anything – it would be dead/no power.


<SL> Only SSDs with capacitors (or some other external power source/battery) which would provide a couple of seconds of juice, would be able to flush their cache.


<SL> That is the difference between Data Center type SSD devices and Consumer / Professional devices.  The Intel 900P series are _professional_ devices.


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Marius et al,


Be aware and the Intel 900P series SSDs do not have power loss protection, so the data could get "scrambled" by power loss or system abend/restart.


Otherwise, they are unbelievable drives!!  (If not a _little_ pricey – 150% premium)





Intel 905P 480GB $600 ($1.25 per GB)

Samsung 970 Pro 512GB $250 ($0.49 per GB)

Samsung 970 Evo 500GB $200 ($0.40 per GB)



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Subject: [Firebird-Architect] Intel's New Optane 905P Is The Fastest SSD Ever


Insane IOPS 575,000 , very nice for databases,36990.html


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