Subject RE: Re: [Firebird-Architect] Install Firebird without being root.


Hi Alex, and thanks for your interest.

(this post may be a dup - apologies if so - also, maybe belongs on general not architecture,
please move if appropriate).

> 3 points at the first glance.

> 1. There is a lot of chown commands in firebird install files. They
> should not run for non-root install.

Understood - but I think that it should be feasible out of the box.

> 2. Firebird can't be registered as a daemon in /etc without root access
> rights, i.e. this part of scripts should not run too.

That's OK too - all I want is the ability to manually start and stop the
server - as I can easily do with PostgreSQL. MySQL offers a similar
capability - why not Firebird? If the Firebird project is attempting to compete
with both of these, then it should be an option - e.g. for students who don't
have root access to their machines and the like.

> 3. And finally you must modify check for root.

Again - I want it out of the box and I want it now! :) Seriously though,
I don't have the ability to mess around with these scripts - one never
knows what one is breaking.

> There is doc/

Indeed there is - it just doens't tell me anything about how to install as non-root.

> But tell me - what a reason for readme's when you build from tarball
> using traditional ./configure && make?
> configure certainly has a --help switch.

Indeed ./configure does have a help file - which IIRC, amazingly enough, I read :),
but again, it has nothing about non-root installs.

I *_did_* use --prefix=$FIREBIRD/exedir and got files produced - it was when I tried
to kick off fbserver that my problems began!

Any help or input on this matter appreciated.