Subject Re: Possibility to increase the maximum number of tables
Author hi.egor
--- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...> wrote:
> 07.06.2013 20:34, hi.egor wrote:
> > Consider these thoughts it seems to be not such a big and complex task to change SHORT datatype to for example LONG for RELATION_ID column (and related to it source code) to increase the maximum number of tables.
> Just curiosity: what do you need more than 32676 tables for?

In our system we need to reflect all client tables in our metadata storage (Firebird DB) and also reflect all user privileges. Other words we need to execute all client DDLs in our metadata. (now we already have some clients with amount of tables ~40 thousand)
So this question should be addressed not to me ;-)
I was curious too when I first time heard about it. Actually the answer is simple - it is a big systems which contain a large amount of small subsystems and all their data are stored in one DB.