Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Block Encryption, Initialization Vector, and Security
Author Olivier Mascia
Le 10 nov. 2010 à 13:10, Alex Peshkoff a écrit :

> And we are back with the old question - how will look short packets in
> TLS channel? Using sample from initial text - like BMP or JPEG penguin?

Different from each other because the TLS session will take care of that - how well or bad only depends on what cipher-suites have been selected as common denominator between the client and the server, but that is not an issue as we have control on both (not a generic browser talking to a generic web server).

I would be tempted to say that if you have such concerns about general SSL/TLS implementation, then you'd better not use any credit card over https. :)

Olivier Mascia