Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Schemas
Author Dalton Calford
Just on another note, Oracle has alias definition to allow you to define
another name (short name) for objects.
For example, you could use the alias of "foo" instead of
"myschema"."mytable" thus making your queries easier to write and support
while getting the benefits of using schema. Also, you can re-alias
something, effectively changing the pointer so that you can develope
somthing, and bring it into production by just changing the pointer.

So, you can get the benefits of schema's without hassels, for those of you
who do not like the extra typing.



2009/9/24 Leyne, Sean <Sean@...>

> > I think this is a useful feature, also considering its presence in the
> > SQL specification (IIRC, it's the only feature from the core subset of
> > SQL-92 which we don't support), but I wouldn't call it really urgent
> > (although I'd assign it a higher priority than longer-then-31-char
> > identifiers-but-without-schemas :-).
> I disagree!
> "Longer-then-31-char identifiers-but-without-schemas" is an absolute
> priority.
> Length of identifiers is an issue which is independent of the schemas.
> Sean

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