Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Schemas
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Joe log in and insert "1" into TABLE_A.
> Bill log in and insert "2" into TABLE_A.
> Linda log in and after "select * from table_a" gets "1" only.
> Why? Joe's TABLE_A isn't Bill's TABLE_A, but Linda is using synonym
> to Joe's table.
> Now, imagine that TABLE_B has FK to TABLE_A and Linda want to insert
> reference to record "2" because Bill said that he put the record there.
> I call this "a mess".

Sorry, in that case. Shot the DBA, DB developer or even Linda. ;-)

If Linda can access table_a then there is either:

* A table or view TABLE_A in Linda's schema or a PRIVATE synonym TABLE_A
pointing to something else, either in Linda's schema or another schema


* There is a PUBLIC synonym TABLE_A pointing to a table or view

If Linda shouldn't be aware what she access behind the scene, then shot
the DBA or DB developer to make sure that Linda access the right thing.
Otherwise, make sure that Linda uses a full qualified name including the
schema name.

In DBMS with schema support, it's always a GOOD practice to full qualify
a object name, just in case one isn't sure which object he/she access.



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