Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Schemas
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Martijn Tonies
> > - the catalog (system tables) lives in its own schema
> (don't know how
> > relevant it's, but I found it in other products)
> Mostly "system" ;-)

I found the SQL standard provides "definition_schema" (internal tables,
available to the system only) and "information_schema" (the available views
that the user can query to get metadata).

> > - a schema can have security (and new privileges are needed
> regarding the
> > right to execute DDL, anyway)
> A "user" in the database (not server wide) is automatically a
> "schema" in
> SQL Server. Not sure if this is a requirement or even wanted as such.

But I think this changes in SQL Server 2005.
says "Schemas are no longer equivalent to database users".

> > Now, who sees schemas as an urgent need and why?
> In large databases, having schemas as namespaces can be very useful,
> especially given the maximum of characters that can be used for
> Firebird object names.

Since Oracle uses (or used) shorter names (28 characters), I can see how
important the feature was for Oracle, too.