Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Will Firebird go distributed?
Author Zsolt Balanyi
Dimitry Sibiryakov írta:
>> Below is a classification, and momentally I would need mixture of DB1
>> type, that is some data are replicated from a central location, and DB2
>> type, where some distant locations have their own data, that they can
>> read and write. Of course I would try to find some kind of a general
>> solution, where decentralization parameters could be set up, even on
>> table level.
> I think that the most of replicators for FB (I can be sure only about
> Replicator by IBPhoenix) can do what you need.
>> E.g.: Costumers are stored centrally, and are replicated to all distant
>> locations. On the other hand, Orders are stored locally, and each
>> distant location can place a new order to its own database instance. Of
>> issued from the central location should collect data from all distant
>> locations.
> In this case you must replicate orders from all distant locations
> into central database (but not vice versa). Nothing special.
> If your database design fit such requirement, the task must be easy.
> Everything you need is to read documentation for a replicator and
> configure it properly.
> SY, SD.
Fine... I am convinced, that if support for such replication would be
integrated into FB, it would mean a great leap ahead (borrowed/stolen
from Intel :-)).
If the developers are interested, maybe I could find some manpower on
universities here to do some research on the topic.

Best regards, Zsolt Balanyi