Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Major and Minor ODS Versions
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>> ODS changes, major or minor, shouldn't be visible to the clients. They
>>> are an internal engine issues, no more.
>> (Third-party tool developer hat on)
>> The client needs to know the ODS version when it comes to what
>> particular features the database in question supports. For example,
>> Firebird 2.1 can open ODS 11.0 databases, but features like monitoring
>> tables, database triggers, ... are available in ODS 11.1 or higher
>> database only.
> I disagree. A developer needs to know what capabilities are present,
> which is what the info calls are all about. A developer shouldn't have
> to rely on something as crude as a version number. I am completely
> aware that if database developers aren't conscientious about providing
> this information, then an application developer has no other
> alternative. But checking version number should be your last, not
> first, choice.

I disagree as well. My "The client needs to know ..." must be read in
the context of "this is the only option ...". ;-)

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