Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Index Keys
Author Jim Starkey
david_schnepper wrote:
> --- In, Jim Starkey <jstarkey@...>
> wrote:
>> Character strings never contain 0x00, so this scheme always as short or
>> shorter than the grouping scheme currently in use.
> My memory, I think you are able to put a 0x00 byte into a fixed-width
> character string.
You can, and it does work. It just costs an extra byte in compound
indexes, but still less than the padding and interspersed index numbers
in the current scheme.
> Also, for international COLLATE keys, I believe a 0x00 byte can be
> placed into the collation key for a piece of text - between the tuple
> members of (primary,secondary,tertiary,4th_level) key generated for a
> piece of text. This is for the same reasons as this proposal - it
> ensures the comparison is resolved when two primary/secondary/etc
> components of different length are compared.
Again, that's ok, it's handled.
> Regardless of the nits above - I think the proposal is good.

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