Subject Re: Question about limits in fb 2.5 or 3.0
Author woodsmailbox
> If being on your place, I'd rather go the opposite way.

Guess I'm gonna live with both varchars and blobs for a long time. No
panacea here detected (otherwise i'd forget about one and just use the
other), but I'd take your advice seriously and do some more blobs.

> That feature request is maybe 100 times easier to implement than
> "orthogonal solutions".

... had a feeling u're gonna say that :) I'm exercising the user
perspective when I vote requests. Developers of course will enforce
their perspective in choosing what to implement. I thunk it's
important to keep'em separate though.

> So you will
> never notice the difference, except the index creation time.
But then why declaring max. depth and not just use the max. available
by page size?