Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: C API Upgrade?
Author Ivan Prenosil
Years ago, there were wars between users of programmable
pocket calculators. Those using HP calculatros always claimed
that RPN ensures shorter programs than AOL used on TI.
I saw lot of "proofs" - programs written for both systems,
where those for TI were 5/50/500% longer. So I simply rewrite
all these examples for my TI, and they always were the same length
(or with minimal difference, usually +/- 1 step, sometimes
was better TI, sometimes HP). If I had to write program for HP,
it is quite possible that it would be longer than the same for TI,
and that it would be more difficult for me - but it is because
I was used more for AOL than for RPN, not because one of these
systems is inherently better.

There are probably some places where the FB API could
be enhanced, on the other hand I am puzzled by your examples
- nearly all of them would replace single line of code, so it seems to me
the main problem is that you are just used to different API style.
And instead of extending current FB API, would not it be more appropriate
to just use simple include file which would offer exactly the interface
you expect ? I think it would be good if official distribution offer
such file - perhaps you can volunteer to write and maintain one ? :)