Subject Re: C API Upgrade?

I must need to work on my communication skills. I apologize if I have
created any
confusion about the intent of my post. My post is directed toward the
who would have written the interface for Delphi and the like. It is not
directed towards
those who use it. I am trying to help the C programmers in a way that does
not hurt
anyone else.

My example functions were not intended to be a detailed design. They were
just an
example of what might be possible. I am still working on my abstraction. I
have not
had an opportunity to work through all of the issues yet.

I am not knocking the other languages. They all have their place, but
there are some
of us who work exclusively in C/C++. We are typically the folks who code
the interfaces
like the one you mentioned. I remember when a lot of the initial
bindings/APIs first appeared. Most of them were pretty buggy to start
with. It is exactly
that problem that I'm trying to address.


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