Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] JavaScript as Database Scripting Language
Author David Jencks
On Dec 26, 2008, at 7:32 AM, Jim Starkey wrote:

> The things that I like about JavaScript are:
> 1. Familiar and relatively terse syntax.
> 2. Soft types
Does that mean a weak type system? What do you like about it?
> 3. Extensible objects
> 4. Object inheritance (object can inherit attributes from another
> object)
> 5. Exception handling
> What I don't like:
> 1. Functions as assignable objects (aka first class function). I see
> the cost but not the benefit.
> 2. Function ambiguity. A single function can be a standalone
> function, a method on object, and an object constructor.
> 3. Invisible context. An attribute reference in a function is
> determined by the call path rather than the function definition.
> 4. The runtime cost of name resolution in such a complex environment.
> In short, I see excessive generality that results in difficult to
> diagnose bugs as well as unnecessary runtime overhead.
> I wonder whether substituting rudimentary class definitions for "first
> class" functions might make sense. Wouldn't be JavaScript anymore, but
> that wasn't a goal in the first place.
> Any thoughts?

That's how you pretend to have first class functions in java, and how
they are implemented in java bytecode in e.g. scala.

I'm extremely leery of any languages that don't have a strong compile
time (or syntax-check-time) type system. I got talked into writing
some groovy scripts because "it's so much more expressive than java"
and found it nothing but headaches.

I haven't actually written any code in either javascript or scala but
if this was my project I would start by writing a domain specific
language in scala and see how it worked.

david jencks

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