Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Embedded Javascript
Author Jim Starkey
Rocky Castaneda wrote:
> Why not stick to those that are commonly used in the Market? like GWT or ExtJS?
> But i think your right. You probably don't want to use a sledgehammer
> to swat a fly. :-)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't those browser based technologies?
I'm looking for a server side solution. The original idea of Java, for
example, was thin client applets. They didn't pan out, but Java turned
out to be a dandy server technology. Java is excellent for embedding
application level semantics into a database server, but as a vehicle for
expressing more or less ad hoc client requests, leaves a great deal to
be desired.

Take the DBT2/TPCC benchmark, for example. Yes, it could be coded in
Java and installed on the client. A more convenient alternative that
didn't require DBA privilege to install but still capable of expressing
a full transaction as a single client/server exchange would be even nicer.

The architecture of Nimbus allows an open ended set of protocols between
client and server, so I don't have to pick one and live with it. At the
moment, at least, I have the freedom to pick or invent a candidate and
experiment. And, since nothing that I'm aware of fits the bill, there's
room to be creative.

Jim Starkey
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