Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Firebird cost licence
Author Cédric Joubert
Thanks a lot Helen.
I understay now in a better way how work these licences.

Yes, i've well noticed what Martin and you have explained to me about the
fondation. I understand that is important but in condition to earn money :-)


2008/12/4 Helen Borrie helebor@...

> --under the IPL (InterBase Public License)
> and Firebird 1.5 was open source under the IPL for code that was inherited
> under the IPL and IDPL (Initial Developer's Public License) for new code
> modules that were developed only by the Firebird Project
> >but now Firebird 2.0 and more is under IPL et IDPL, Firebird is not free
> anymore ?
> Yes, it is still free in the same way that Firebird 1 and 1.5 are free. The
> IPL and IDPL are both derivatives of the Mozilla Public License. On one side
> of free, you are free to use and distribute Firebird without paying any
> fees; in the other side of free, you are required to make the Firebird
> source code available under the same licensing if you modify or enhance it.
> It can be free of charge, if you wish. However, you could consider becoming
> a regular contributor to Firebird's costs by joining the Firebird Foundation
> as a member or a sponsor. See
> Helen
> .

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