Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] External Engines Implementation Details
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Vlad Khorsun wrote:
>>>> I think these handles could be communicated to the engine via internals
>>>> DPB/TPB.
>>> Are you going to pass y-valve handle (or its address) via DPB/TPB ?
>> This solve the problem with database triggers.
>>> Or i, very probably, not understand something ?
>> Since it's from y-valve to internal engine, I see no problem except
>> establish a generic DPB/TPB mechanism for this.
> I don't like this hack. I prefer to introduce private jrd8_attach_database2 call
> with additional argument to do it. I prefer much more to leave it as is until
> integration of DSQL into engine.
I see that current solution used in exec_stmt2 branch is not needed.
Better to use EXECUTE STATEMENT solution than introduce more hacks
(get/set engine handles functions). I.e., better have one, already
existing hack, than have two.

With small changes in the y-valve, it allows us to use exec_stmt2 and
external functions even in TRANSACTION START triggers.

It will not be possible to use it in database CONNECT/DISCONNECT
triggers anyway, because the transaction created is not visible in the