Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] External Engines Implementation Details
Author Jim Starkey
Александр Пешков wrote:
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> From: Adriano dos Santos Fernandes <adrianosf@...>
>> Alex Peshkov escreveu:
>>>> User attach to database, connection trigger is executed and call an
>>>> external function that want to access the database.
>>>> This will not work.
>>> If existing connection is used in external engine, there is no new attachment.
>> But engine needs to know y-valve handle of user connection... Current
>> implementation in exec_stmt2 branch pass the handles after the attach
>> call and consequently after the external function is executed.
> Yes, and this may be discussed separately, is it good or bad
> and how much does it break OSRI. But how is it related with triggers?
First, the exec_stmt2 impementation was a crude hack. It underlying
problem is that dynamic SQL wasn't available in the engine. Rather than
fixing that, he took a shortcut.

Vulcan has SQL inside the engine (folks, a SQL engine should actually
support SQL). So it doesn't need the loop back. The internal SQL
engine could support external engines as well. It is cleaner, faster,
and doesn't break the architecture.

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