Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Exec. statement parameters
Author Vlad Khorsun
> Vlad,
> V> a) value as param
> V> looks not very good for me as value may have AS word inside and confuse
> V> reader. Also i prefer to see param name before expression.
> These are the same issues you have with aliases in select statements.

MSSQL, for example, allow to use following syntax for column aliases :

alias = expression

It is wrong from assignment operator POV, i think, but very easy to read as you may
put each alias at beginning of new line and see all column names of resultset at the
same column position despite of how long "expression" is.

> People have gotten used to them by now. :-)
> BTW, for full sonsistency it should be [as] (optional).

I think it will be hard to read :

x + y as p
x + y p
x p

do you really like it ? ;) Compare with

p = x + y
p := x

> I see that you and Adriano use "prefer" and "don't like" as arguments.
> I can't counter that. :-)

I always trying to explain why i "prefer" or "don't like", sometimes i can't :)

> V> b) param is value
> V> looks better for me
> Although it's a bit overloaded, since it's used as part of IS NULL and IS
> V> c) param := value
> V> looks almost ok
> Doesn't look like SQL, though.
> V> d) param <= value, or value => param
> Same as above.

Does procedure call looks like SQL ? ;)