Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] External engines - security
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Jim Starkey escreveu:
> No, what is this whole line of discussion about? What are you trying to
> achieve with the JVM?
> A major consideration is what JVM. Firebird doesn't have one. Most
> open source JVM are GPL, so you can't modify one. That pretty much
> means you're going to have to take one off the shelf and load it
> dynamically, so creating a new security model is out of the question.
Creating a security model for Java code is possible extending class
library, but as Roman said, this may be risk due to complexity of Java
security model.

> The point is this: Internal Java security is about blocking access to
> services from Java programs. It isn't about protecting the JVM (or a
> program loading a JVM) from rogue "native" methods. If you think that
> internal Java security is going to protect the server from native code,
Where did you read this from me?

> you will need to learn more about Java.
I've the sufficient knowledge to not write my JVM due to not know how to
use a existing one.