Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] External engines - metadata
Author Jim Starkey
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes wrote:
> Jim Starkey wrote:
>>> For example, A ISP will not give rights to run Delphi or C++ code in his
>>> server, but can give rights to run Java in the database, as he already
>>> allows I run Java in the app. server.
>> Then your ISP is stupid. And stupidity should not drive database
>> architecture.
> Elaborate, please?
> Seems you're using the same Vlad arguments of security by obscurity,
> where user (that define external procedures) doesn't know database
> filenames, for example?


What I should have said is that Java is no less computationally complete
than C, C++, Delphi, or anything else. Java has more than a fair bit of
internal security, but most of it is to protect a host computer from an
applet. An ISP who believes that Java can't send spam, spoof DNS
servers, or other evil things is dangerously ill-informed. In an applet
context, Java's ability to do these things is serverely restriction (it
can't, for example, open a socket to any node other than from where it
downloaded), but on standalone, Java is unlimited in its capacity for
evil or good.